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The officiating in the pittsburgh new orleans game was the worst i witnessed in my live to start with we need a commissioner that is for the integrety of the game not his wallet andinsurance for him and his family for life his own private jet not satifised with 50 million salary per yr but thats what having a father who is a us senator that robs the taxpayers he should give his salary to nfl officials to hire full time officials and not a commisioner and officials that bet on games to put more money in their pocketsmr goodell save the nfl retire also end the commisioners super bowl bash and use that money for full time employees to officiate these games u fine the players how about the fans fine u for the horrable job u r doing u would owe the nfl players and the fans more than u make i have seen 4 commisioners in my lifetime and u r by far the worst ever mr goodell i will never donate another penny to w and j college in washindton pa because they let a low life money grabbing theif like u in the college u r a disgrace to all football nationwide

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