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Between your crap head players thinking this is their own personal stage to promote their own personal politics. It's not !!!

You are here for our entertainment, our money pays your salary !!! Plus this really, really *** referee bad call, no call officiating, I feel like I am watching boxing back when Vegas called the winner before the fight. Bought and paid for ! Sorry, but I cant WATCH this crap anymore !!

probably the saddest day of my life, but I just can't watch this crap anymore. You SUCK nfl !!!! Even this website sucks ! I can't post my opinion unless I write atleast one hundred words !!!

Ok here we go !

You Suck ! {{Redacted}} Am I at 100 yet ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Nfl Referee.

Reason of review: You Suck !.

I didn't like: Ran this sport into crap.

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You could have been a touch more articulate.

I do agree with your general sentiment.

I've never cared for football anyhow and wouldn't notice if it vanished.

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