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NFC Championship Saints/Rams. Helmet to helmet PI ‘no call’ by 3 Los Angeles refs.

Absolute conflict of interest #1. Not 1 even touched their flag. Not a single sports writer commentator player coach owner etc disagrees with an indisputable PI and helmet to helmet. Tragedy and loss of millions to coaches staff and players of the Saints in bonus money as a result of NFL corruption.

You will feel the burn in loss of supporters of your dog and pony show.

Shame on you and especially the worst commissioner ever to represent a sport: Goodell. Carma is a ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Nfl Referee.

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Absolutely disgusting display of a fixed game. Time to stop watching this.


Especially after Saints/Rams championship "no Call" game. God dont't sleep NFL.

Just remember that. How can you sleep at night knowing how much cheating is done because games are rigged.

All and all its the money in the owners pocketbooks that counts. Its not the fans nor what is fair.

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