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I have been a life long NFL fan.Jerry Jones has potentially changed that forever.

I only stand and pledge allegiance to one entity- God. I love my country and would willingly die to preserve it; however, to force any American to stand for the flag/pledge during a sporting event goes against the very idea that the Flag stands for. The other overlooked issue here is that the issue at hand has nothing to do with the flag or the pledge. The kneeling was in response to police brutality specifically against people of color.

I find it interesting that white America is once again trying to dictate when and where a protest is allowed. By that standard Black people would still be enslaved today. The Civil rights movement, Women's rights movement, Anti Jim crow movement, etc... would never have taken place.

My relatives as well as yours have fought and died so that we have the right to protest.

It seems to me that many of the people who are against the protests are actually the one's who are disrespecting the flag.The NFL should release a statement that demonstrates its commitment to the Constitution of The United States which states we do not necessarily agree with the protests but we support the right of the players to protest.

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American sports are being ruined by both sides. Shut up and play football. This is not the place for political stands.

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