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You want to know why your ratings suck! Horrible rules.

Example. Steelers Vs Patriots Nov 17 2017. Incomplete pass ruled. Clearly the ball is caught...pulled in...then extended to reach for goal line.

I understand the rule and why it was ruled incomplete. However the rule is not right and that is why fans are boycotting the NFL. Along with referees using rules to control games and points to try and improve ratings. However its so obvious to the fans.

We are no longer watching. Your plan is back firing. You obviously don't care. But when your ratings are down by over 50% year over year.

You soon will start caring.

Like the other guy said. NFL is as bad as watching WWE.

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I agree with the NFL ref's not able to use common sense in their decisions. The week before the Vikings were burned on two passes.

The touchdown looked good to fans and announcers. Nope. But then when the thirty feet forward "Fumble" was given.... wow.

How? What? The defensive player did push the hand, the hand and ball went forward. If it was caught..

a completed "pass."

But when I saw last night the Steelers' fans get robbed. How can the week before a ball get batted out of the goal-line hands four yards backwards but the touchdown stood?

This was obviously a touchdown. When you have special rules for the goal line 'fence' then it should be consistently applied!

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