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As an avid football fan I am extremely upset with the turn of events in football.As fans we watch games for the sport of football not to have to listen to more politics.

NFL players make millions of dollars to do their job. That's to play football . There is a right way to bring attention to their concerns. However, the football stadium isn't it.

Instead of acting like the spoiled rich elite who are having a temper tantrum on national tv they should be dialoging to form focus groups to get out the concerns and moving in a proactive manner, not dividing people to the point that we no longer want to watch football. As the daughter of an army veteran who fought to keep this country free and the wife of a disabled veteran who was injured fighting in Vietnam I am sickened at the lack of respect these athletes show our country and flag. This flag is a symbol of everything we as a nation stand for. Evidently the players don't realize this is the reason that they are able to play and receive millions of dollars annually.

Yesterday we were appalled at the actions of the teams in London. Of course we stopped watching. Every game that showed a kneeing player we turned to a different channel. We have cancelled our NFL direct tv ticket.

We will no longer attend games. My daughter has children. They removed the jerseys they purchased of all the players that knelt during the national anthem. America is the home of the brave and the free because of lives laid down.

If the players are so offended by the flag of America maybe it's time for them to move to another country and try to make the millions there that they make here.

There is a right and wrong way to do things.Kneeling isn't it.

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Thie flag is a symbol of everything we as a nation stand for.Honoring it is a way to show gratitude to veterans and solders who made great sacrifices (many made the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lifes).

The unforgiveable conduct of the NFL players is a slap in the face of those who fought for freedom.

Take them boys of the football field and send them to the battlefield.That may wake them up and maybe help them growup.

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