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And suposedly it was against nfl policies...REALLY?

Why havent reviewd and suspended a ton of others???You are ridiculous and biased!!!!

Reason of review: Other issue.

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I'm also done with the NFL.At least for the first 6 weeks, as a minimum.

Been a fan since 1965. But the Elliott suspension....especially 6 games, is the last straw for me. Of course, I'll admit NONE OF US....the public, truly know ALL the facts. And I suspect we never will have those facts shared with us.

But after reading article after article stating that the accusations were false, that the accuser's best friend said she had been asked to lie about the incident, etc.....all the other folks stating after seeing the information they had seen, there was nothing to the accusation....I thought this would finally be put to rest.

What the NFL has done is take one of the top drawing teams in terms of audience viewing (if not THE top draw)....and one of the more popular stars on that team (as I understand it, last I heard, #21 jersey from the Cowboys is THE top selling jersey currently in the NFL?)......and suspended that player. I expect the results will be no doubt they're going to lose quite a few viewers.....like myself. Their ratings may indeed continue to plummet.

After all, weren't ALL the top drawing games in viewership on the networks last year....or most of them....games that involved Dallas? So let's suspend one of their top stars....over what appears to be to the public ....at least quite a few of us in the public....very suspect accusations. Oh, and let's do it for the MAXIMUM amount .....6 games.

OK, No Fun League and your...

If my state of mind heals during that time, MAYBE I'll come back after 6 games? Or, maybe like Major League Baseball and their last strike, maybe my mind will never heal over this latest Commissioner BS....and the NFL might well be done for me.

There are SO MANY things wrong with the NFL lately....starting with....of course.....foremost the Commissioner and his poor decisions. Throw in players protesting the American Flag (but players can NOT support the Dallas police?)....rule change after rule change....turning the NFL closer and closer into a Flag Football League....so MANY commercials CONSTANTLY interrupting the flow of the game.....penalties over harmless celebrations....rules that are so confusing....we don't know if it is a catch (sure looked like it)....or isn't a catch....and of course....suspensions for everything under the sun.

It has become....sadly....a flawed product.

And it all starts at the top.But let me than the Commissioner for his latest poor decision, which has freed up my time to do more important things for 6 Sundays (and Mondays....and some Thursdays).....rather than watch a flawed product missing some of its brightest stars due to both injuries (uncontrollable)....and poor decisions (controllable).

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