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I will not rant and make threats but rather point out that Americans have since the birth of this nation rallied around our flag.They have buried their military men and women under our flag.

We have taught our children to receipt the pledge and always show respect to our flag. Now we have a group of young men who are highly paid professional football players who go against all of the above. I myself served almost 25 years in our Army. During that time I carried the remains of many of my buddy's and other soldiers while the coffin was covered by our flag.

I have buried members of my family and carried them to their final resting place while covered by our flag. I will leave you with this not as a threat but as a promise. I will never again watch an NFL game nor will my family and friends until these actions stop. I would close on this ,these people claim that it is their 1st amendment right, wrong.

These rights were given to them by those that they now mock.

Rights are earned and if given then earned by respect for those who have by their service passed along these rights.Good bye NFL you are soon to be replaced !

Reason of review: Disrespect to out flag and military.

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If folks cannot respect our flag/country, they should LEAVE and go to a country where they can. They don't need to be here.


I, too, will not watch any team that allows, supports or encourages their players to disrespect the flag.They all have ways to express their views, I don't want them doing it in my living room.

If they are unhappy with our country, run for office or leave.

See how much money can be made playing football in Israel.I am searching for an app that will keep a list of teams with players that are unhappy with their lot in life, they don't need my support.

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