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I will boycott the NFL and sponsors as long as the players are allowed to disrespect the National Anthem. This is offensive to my family and friends and should not be allowed.

They can protest in other ways but not while I'm paying to be entertained by a bunch of snowflake millionaires who probably don't do anything to rectify the problem that they perceive as a reason to protest. I will not buy any products from sponsors of the NFL as long as these disrespectful sorry excuse for humans are allowed to take a knee.

This is entertainment that the public is paying for and you can bet that people are going to stop watching!! Respectfully Rebecca Otero

Reason of review: Disrespecting the National Anthem.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: I like the national anthem.

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My family and Bluegrass friends will no longer buy NFL and NBA advertised products or watch any games.


I am disgusted with the owners , players , commission and anyone connected with the NFL... I will not watch nor purchase any of the sponcers products.

..... talk about disrespect to the American people.. All of the community of the NFL has

disrespected the men and women and their families who have fought and died and fighting for freedom ... This is discusting.

If you have a gripe go through proper channels and file your complaints . ....... All of you are not acting like proud Americans! Are you Traitors?

.... If you are going to act like a Tratior and disrespect your country then pack your stuff and leave . We don't need you here. There are plenty to take your place and would love to be overpaid for playing a game....

.... I have watched football all my life and I am embarrassed of all of you. This is Not what we teach in little league, schools , colleges players. We teach respect , honor, brotherhood...

You are being paid to entertain that we the consumer pays for.

I could care less about your political preffence ..........


So put on your BIG GIRL PANTIES on and play AMERICAN BALL. Can't you see the news media is making an *** out of you.

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