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I am totally “Disgusted” with the Commissioner, and the NFL. I am a Company / Business Owner, and a Dallas Cowboys Fan, but since the “Protests” of our National Anthem, and Flag, which I totally find “Disgusting, & Anti-American!” I am a War Veteran, and I am very proud, and Patriotic, towards our Military, and Veterans, who have served.

I have “Canceled” our Subscription to NFL Network, and have withdrawn my “Seasons Tickets” for Dallas Cowboys Games. I have bought over 100 Tickets, per Game, over the last 15 years /Seasons, for my Employee’s, Customers, and Sponsors. I do not support the NFL anymore. Roger Goodell is a “Disgrace !!” He is No Pete Rozelle, or Roger Tagliabue.

Not even close !!

His Services to the NFL, are totally worthless !! Until some “Major” changes happen, like Roger Goodell, and his “Cronies” / Staff being terminated, I will not support the NFL in anyway !!

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I have been a NFL fan for past 35 years after reading that the NFL caving to the flag protesters by giving the African Americans community’s 100 million to shut them up an try to improve their rating I’m OUT when

They give 100 million to our veterans who gave them the freedom to protesters to disrespect the flag an our great nation I will be discouraging anyone I work with are come in contact with to take there Sunday’s back an boycott all football games an products. Thanks for making the game a political football

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