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Section 2 Touchdown TOUCHDOWN PLAYS Article 1 Touchdown Plays. A touchdown is scored when: (a) the ball is on, above, or behind the plane of the opponents’ goal line and is in possession of a runner who has advanced from the field of play; or (b) a ball in possession of an airborne runner is on, above, or behind the plane of the goal line, and some part of the ball passed over or inside the pylon; or (c) a ball in player possession touches the pylon, provided that, after contact by an opponent, no part of the player’s body, except his hands or feet, struck the ground before the ball touched the pylon; or (d) any player who is legally inbounds catches or recovers a loose ball (3-2-3) that is on, above, or behind the opponent’s goal line; or (e) the Referee awards a touchdown to a team that has been denied one by a palpably unfair act.

SUPPLEMENTAL NOTES (1) The ball is automatically dead when it is in legal possession of a player and is on, above, or behind the opponent’s goal line. (2) the player is attempting to catch a pass, the ball is not dead, and a touchdown is not scored, until the receiver completes the catch. See Rule 3, Section 2, Article 7. A.R.

11.1 Third-and-goal on B2. Runner A1 goes to the goal line with the ball over the plane of the goal line. He is tackled, fumbles, and the defensive team recovers in the end zone. Ruling: Touchdown.

The ball is automatically dead at the instant of legal player possession on the opponent’s goal line. A.R. 11.2 Second-and-10 on B18. Runner A1 takes handoff and runs down the sideline toward the goal line with the ball in his outside arm.

He crosses the goal line plane standing with the ball to the outside of the pylon. Ruling: Touchdown.

Part of the ball crossing over or inside the pylon only applies to an airborne runner who lands out of bounds. Reference: Steelers Pats game December 17 2017 Total case of micromanaging when the game does not go to the planned script YOU NOW ARE NOTHING BUT THE WWE Later as I have little interest in watching this so called sport any longer

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So once again you do whatever you do to help the cheatriots. I am so disgusted I can’t even watch them play anymore.

We are Steelers die hard, it was bad enough watching them screw our team out of a touchdown, but to watch them do it again against the Bills made me sick. It is obvious that Kraft is paying the referees and Goidell. But to be so blatant about us sickening.

I think every team should forfeit against the damn cheatriots and make them their own special trophy. Just saying !


Why is it that the refs and the nfl seem to favor the patriots in any circumstance they have ruined the game of football don't understand why the nfl contributes to the cheating patriots think it's time for the nfl to remember there are 32 teams not only the patriots thank you nfl for ruining the game of football for me I never buy nfl merchandise anymore I will never watch your games again steelers should have won that game but the nfl and there refs are the patriots butt buddies

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