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Football was a way of life from 60s to the early 90s and quit watcing for 25yrs The odd super bowl the odd quarter the refereeing was and still is borderline really!! The on field show boating the crap talking gestures etc etc I sat down to watch the pats and the jags today thinking it would be worth it I quit before the half and done done watching This the 2nd time that I have watched intentional hits to take out a player nfl concussion bs the jags just hit Gronk with an intentional shot to the head he's out and the jag player is still in if they really want to stop this throw the offender out Unbelievable The trash on the field the arrogance of players Done 25yrs out watched a few hrs in the playoffs Done Done enough oh and the politics no more

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Hello National Footballers League

I am a middle of the roader I enjoy the sport but find the matriculations disturbing. Here is a hint as I watch the New England Patriots play Jacksonville.

Guess what if New England goes to the stupid bowl you will have a pathetic viewership since we are tired of seeing an organization that cheats to win be honored. Now if Jacksonville wins out you will have a good viewership. I could care less who wins that game if Brady is a part of it.

So good luck I certainly hope this game goes as scripted and jacksonville advances then your time spent will be worth the effort. If not there goes the sport down the tubes of pathos

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