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Roger Goddell isn't good for the game *** him *** the Patriots and *** the NFL officials college football is better than this *** they are sholving out Robert Kraft *** him Thom Brady *** him bill Bellecheck *** him one other team *** the Steelers they are just as bad when does the NFL game don't get fixed *** mad

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I watched AFC championship game what a fixed piece of *** It is ashame the NFL has to patronize aka but kiss Thom Brady Bill Bellecheck and Robert Kraft. The officiating was horrible and fixed. The fans deserve better than this *** they put out this game seemed like sports enterntainment than football also seeing Romo and Nance sucking up to Brady and Bill has killed me from watching the Superbowl can't watch fixed games.

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The officiating in both the NFC and AFC championship games was a travistya. Officiating this year in a whole has been bad.

But today the games where decided by the officials and I use that word nicley, they decided who they wanted in the SB. I agree with "the league kisses Tommy boys, Billy's and Bobbys rear end, and the Steelers are right up there with the kissing. Please stop this travistya and let the players decided the games and not the owners, commissioners or the so called officials. A long time ago a World Series was fixed,these championship games do not pass the smell test.

This time it is not the players, but a couple owners with power over the commissioners and the officials. MLB called it the Black Sox we can use the same, since the corrupt officials where BLACK SOX.


I agree not going to watch the Superbowl people are tired of this ***

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