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What are we suppose to do as Lion Fans to get a fair shake in this league. Screw the NFL, I'm boycotting for unjust fairness towards the Lions.

This has been going on for years in multiple calls. From the Unfair Calls in the Saints playoff game to the uncalled P.I. In the Dallas Playoff game to the Phantom face mask on Aaron Rodgers that gave him a opportunity to throw a Hail Mary to yesterday's terrible Golden Tate non-TD call. All awhile I watch Tom Brady convince refs to pick up flags and get calls to go his way.

Seem like Chris Hogan's diving TD to break the Enzone look more like a knee drag than Tate's. I watched both Brady and Atlanta get away with Pick plays last week and Green Bay got called 3 times which were all within 1 yard for there's in the same game with Atlanta. Even Brandin Cooks dropped the ball similar to Calvin's call against the Bears years ago as a last play yesterday to give Pat's the win, even though ball squeaked out as he hit the ground, that same exact play happen to a Giants WR and wasn't called a TD. I'm just curious what makes the plays or players any different from other NFL players.

They're the ones who's been scrutinized for cheating, shouldn't the microscope be magnified on them for questionable calls more so than teams who just trying to win in this league. It's pretty one sided and we're always getting the short end of the stick.

An all our plays are fair and legal, we're not even asking for a favorable call just a fair call. _________________ The REAL "Lion King" and father to Simba

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