Conway, Arkansas
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As much as I hate the RAMS I hate the fact that the game had some *** calls that cost the real NFC champions from reaching the super bowl. No worries NFL,I won’t be able to tell if the refs get it right in 2 weeks, cause if I wanted to watch a scripted sport I’ll put on the WWE. If it wasn’t for the New Orleans saints and being a fan since I was a kid I’d find something else to do with my time.

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Just saw a new video showing the no call on the saints and Rams game. It showed the white ref signaling the black Ref not to use his flag. The black ref looked like he was going to do it .But was stoped by the other ref.


Call the NFL ph# (212)-450-2000 ask to leave a message Let them know how you fill about the Refs in the NFL. Refs have made bad calls in other games that determined the out come of the game.This has to stop . Refs that call games ,should do there job and should not be able to call the games if they have any affiliation with either team.

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