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Im a true fan of the Pittsburg Steelers an that game yesterday with the Bengals was an embarrassment the officals didnt an mean did not throw there flags when number 20 on the Bengals pushed our player into the wall that was a hard forceful push. Then when they was trying to fight our players.What does the NFL plan on doing to them?

Also the fans in the stand was throwing trash at our QB what does the NFL plan on doing about that? Im truly not pleased with this.

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Your QB is trash!


The steelers are the biggest disgrace to the nfl.

Every player is dirty and it's every game.

I notice it more so with the Bengals.

Go look at the constant *** they pulled through the game.

Grabbing players feet as they are getting up to try to make them fall back down .

Grabbino a players face mask and yanking it around, purposely. Blocking a guy 10 yards down field and slamming him to the ground.

Launching helmet to helmet, no flag. Trying to stomp on players when on the ground or as they are getting up. Constant taunting towards players, focusing to those that happen when the players is on the ground and they run over and get down in their face. Ridiculous celebrations.

It's all game long *** near every play! Pay attention to all the little stuff. Why do you think Jeremy Hill came out on the field.. They are sick of dealing with their BS!

It doesn't stop, no sportsmanship at all. This is the worst team in the league and I wish the NFL would step in and take control of this ***. I've said this about that BS team for so many years, yet they still have fans..

I have the NFL package and I've watch every team play this year. The one team I absolutely hate watching is these ignorant, arrogant, dirty @ss Steelers.

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