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As a Army Vet & someone who loves pro football, I was a supporter by going to games and buying NFL brand clothes & memorabilia.I have stopped watching & purchasing any merchandise ever since they pushed there alt-left politics on everyone.

They also prohibited the Cowboys for honoring the 5 innocent dead policemen that the lefts hateful propaganda had inspired... mainly spread by media & Dems. Now I see that the NFL is tolerating more of this kneeling during the National Anthem with the Cleveland "Anti-American" Browns. Disgusting!

I have been hunting, fishing, and spending time with friends & family instead so even though I miss it, I have filled the void with more important things in life. Until they keep politics out of the game, I will not return and will only talk negatively about their brand. That goes for ESPN too!

Why would you *** off the majority of your consumer base?The NFL is destroying itself!

Reason of review: Keep politics out of football!.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Politics.

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The same people who have made millions off of American viewers have the ignorance to slap all Americans in the face by kneeling for our Anthem.Wow!!

So let me get this straight, you bite the hand that feeds you? Not very wise boys...not very wise.

Maybe someone not as talented as all of you, but who is proud to be an American should replace you.Now that my boys would be a wise decision.

to Proud to be an American #1373415

100% with you!! I'm a senior citizen woman, who's been raised to love football for 67 years, and to show such disrespect to our flag and country is unforgivable! Goodbye NFL hello knitting!!


if anything, they league itself is spreading alt-right politics. leave politics out of it and just watch the games rather than blame the political party you dislike.

to random person #1364067

How do you come up with your conclusion, on the NFL is alt right? With these morons not standing for the flag, they are left wing, liberal, morons. You must be a dumb, liberal, jack off to believe otherwise.


Good for you !

That's the same solution I've heard from a number of intelligent guys - BOYCOTT .

Hit 'em here it hurts - in the wallet.

I'm sick of these privileged deified athletes demeaning the same American Way of Life that permitted their success.

And the same goes for that LeBron James person and his "not my President" BS.

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