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When will the nfl consider replacing officials with there bad play calling, and replace them with technology for better accuracy. I'm tired of the bias shown towards certain teams because of who the quarter back is ie Tom Bradey, Drew Breeze, or Payton Manning.

Also tired of these so called big stories and ideal match ups. Lets play real fair and square football, not rigged football decided by higher uppers and bad officals. Just because the players in the league can't speak out about the corruption that take place in this league doesn't mean that the fans are unaware of what's going on. Nfl be warned to change your way of playing football or you will soon become a dying sport, I know of plenty of people that stop watching due to unfairness.

My advise is to put away headliners (Katrina, Drew Breeze ability to win on the road and in cold weather etc),big quarter back favorites (Tom Bradey/Payton Manning etc), and team bias. Lets allow the best team to play and win fair and square without offial interference in the game out come, then this will be the return of real American football.

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