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How is it possible that the hit on Cam Newton is not an on the spot immediate ejection and fine and suspension! What a joke they suspend Brady for inflated balls but Cam takes shots to the head and just has to take it. The only thing that could possibly be worse is if you hit the quarterback with a baseball bat over the head.

That was outrageous on the largest stage!!

The league should be protecting superstars not throwing Brady under the bus and treating cam like an animal. Could you imagine Michael Jordan or LeBron getting jacked in the head and the league did nothing about it. It's a joke that the NFL league office doesn't respect their greatest players.

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I agree I have been watching the Nfl for 50 years I have never seen anything like that allowing one hit to the head after another especially after all we have heard about the Nfl stopping head trauma l have seen games where if someone even touched brady or Rogers helmets they were treated like criminals come on Roger what's up these refs are idiots no common sense the one guy who has put fun back in your sport you are trying to get killed what a pathetic group of refs they should all be fired.

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