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Key word Scripted. The horrible refs in todays Dallas vs Greenbay game has def made it appear that in fact the NFL is indeed scripted.

The same ref crew that handed Greenbay 3 points by incorrectly ruling a catch in favor of Greenbay earlier in the game on a ball that the replay review clearly showed hit the ground with the reciever trapping it also took away 7 points from Dallas over ruling the call on the field that Bryant caught the ball. These two blown calls not only stopped the scrappy Cowboys from moving by the media favored Packers who they outplayed. Besides taking away the Cowboys chance at a Super Bowl Championship and giving the Packers a undeserved second chance at the Super Bowl. The refs may have decided the League MVP taking the MVP award out of Romos hands who outplayed Rogers today by not turning over the ball and having a much higher QB rating.

Romo should of finished 16 of 19 with 230 yds and 3TDs and a near perfect QB rating. Instead he finished 15 of 19 with 190yds and 2 TDs. Murray took himself out of MVP talk when he fumbled earlier in the game costing Dallas 7 points and giving Greenbay 3 points on a run where he was weakly stripped by Peppers when he had a hole the size of Alaska to run through on what would of been a Jog in TD giving Dallas a 11 point lead. Congrats again to all garbage time NFL refs who ignore clear replay footage when reviewing plays and use your own rules when twisting the rules within the NFL rule book to meet the script you wish the game to follow.

Thanks again. I suggest everyone cancel your cable subscriptions and play more football but never watch NFL football on TV again until they get non bias refs for all games and can't blow obvious calls for two full seasons documented.

The hit to the Cable companies and the NFL itself will let the NFL know clearly fans as a majority want the best players, and teams to win games. If we stop watching possibly pre scripted games we can save money on our cable bill each month and use the saved viewing time to exercise more, play more football, and get in better shape.

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I completly agree "scripted".Im from detroit.


Almost embarrassing to be a Packer fan. The refs are obviously biased, which show in the terrible calls made.

Also where do you see refs helping a QB up after a play. Two times today and once in a previous game.

It only happens to the Green Bay Packers. They advance with much help from the rotten officiating.

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