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As a Christmas gift to my only child I try and take her to atleast ONE STEELERS game a year if i can afford it.I work my butt off all year long and budgeted a trip for us to the Steelers at Cincy on Dec18 and bought the seats, airfare and hotel back in Nov.

KICKOFF was scheduled for 8:00 pm and our flight from FLA was to land at 6pm which would allow us time to get checked in and to the game before kickoff. My daughter has just finished her semester at college and us due to arrive hone on Sunday so last night i'm double checking our itinerary and wgat do I see? THe NFL HAS SWITCHED THE 8 PM game from PITT AT CINCY to Dallas at Tampa.... Are you actually SERIOUS.

The Bucs cant even sell out a 1 regular season game on a BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY and theyre getting end of season Prime Time TV because if a 4 game winning streak. I took a $345 hit on the flights and have the game tix for sale online. I recuved full refund on the hotel and my kid is going to be crushed.

Thank you Mr.Program Director for ruining Christmas for us.

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Sanford, Maine, United States #1253619

you should have known that NFL can reschedule late season games you bought tickets to a game that both teams would not make it to playoffs so the NFL rescheduled the game to teams that will make the playoffs

Muncie, Indiana, United States #1253328

Lol.The NFL has had the same policy about rescheduling late-season games for years now.

Either you knew that when you purchased the tickets or failed to do adequate research.

Also, the Cowboys are better than Pittsburgh. Tampa Bay is better than Cincy.

Common sense says the Cowboys/Bucs game deserves the time slot over a Steelers/Bengals game.

If missing the game featuring two teams that won't make the playoffs is going to "ruin Christmas" for her, then you both obviously need to reevaluate your priorities.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1253213

You could buy her a good book instead. Much more enlightening.

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