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Hello. My family, a bunch of friends and myself have decided until the NFL players can learn to respect this country enough to stand during the national anthem for our flag that we are not going to buy any more NFL merchandise or watch the games.

It's sad that it has come to this because majority of the players have not taken part in following Kaepernick. I myself have been a 49ers fan for almost 40 years and football has been the number one sport in our family. Colin Kaepernick has shamed and disgraced the NFL and my 49er team. I am a die-hard 49er fan but there are 12 other teams that I can tolerate to watch because I like them as secondaries.

Sadly some of their players have been opting out to stand during the national anthem as well which makes it hard to watch football at all because these men have made it about them and put the glory and attention on them and not with this country is about and football. And they say they stand with Kaepernick and support him. Kaepernick has stirred all this up and caused all these problems. It wasn't there until he did this.

Maybe if he was harshly penalized Kama punished through the NFL the others who support him would back down as to not get in trouble also. After all, they have to follow your rules because they get paid by you . It's hard to watch a game wanting your team to win while watching the disrespectful and ungrateful men playing. There are so many reasons we stand at attention for our flag and national anthem.

Kaepernick claims they removed a version of the national anthem that he is against. He has a right to be against it if he wants but to choose a different platform to do so. Until he brought that up, none of us knew about that and didn't grow up honoring that verse so to all of us the national anthem deserves respect for the parts we do know about. Our Flag represents freedom which is exactly what these NFL players have so why are they given the option not to stand at attention?

Why is the NFL allowing this? Unless or until the NFL correct this problem NFL fans will step down. That will mean less money put out for the Super Bowl also. There are children who look up to these NFL players and if these players cannot set the example for our future then who will?

The NFL players can feel the way they want and do something about it but at or during the game is not the time. This country is an equal-opportunity country anymore and oppression is over. No one alive here is a slave or was a slave and the white man was the first slave by black owners and then black people owned black slaves so why is the NFL allowing Kaepernick and others to disgrace our country based on their beliefs? Yes, you will have half or more of your fan base still with you just because they love football but the rest of us love football and are extremely passionate about our country as well.

The choice is yours, either have ALL of your fans watching the NFL games and buying the merchandise by enforcing the players to stand during the national anthem or keep losing your fans and money because Kaepernick has started a racial divide. I thought NFL was for everyone. But Kaepernick has decided to put the focus on the black community only do to oppression in history. And watching your NFL players during the national anthem put their fist up for Black Power is disgraceful also.

The NFL is supporting race baiting and segregation when it should be about the love of the game. I will turn the games on to watch them, same with my family and friends but the moment we see even one player not standing out of respect then we will change the channel or find other things to do. The NFL's in charge of what will happen for future games. It's up to you guys to decide what's right and if your fans really matter.

The fans who support Kaepernick and his decision will not go away if you change your mind because they have proven all these years and now even but they are still there. But you are losing countless numbers of others.

I would like to be able to watch the games this season but so far haven't been able to. This is so sad with the NFL is allowing.

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