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Goddell really sucks what an ***, your players can leave this country You are the employer figure it out, go down the tubes you made the wrong decision. you take government money to build stadiums, that needs to stop quick.

Find a different way, if you believe the majority of police don't protect you you are also screwed, you are the racists, excuses, get your *** together, I hope you go out of business.

you do not go any where today that any couples are but different minoritys there is no more race discrimination as you see it we are all 99.78 percent the same, stop kissing *** for blaming it on discrimination Stop with the bull ***, you have it all wrong. do the right thing

Reason of review: No respect, misguided.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

NFL Cons: Taking knees, No back bone commissioner, Disrespect of the flag.

  • Bring Back Some Class
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Funny the Nfl emblem look like a flag


I completely agree stand for your flag or get the *** out of the country have some respect! Be proud of this great country where you live!

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