Why can't I watch the Steelers vs. the Packers on CBS or at least the Pats vs.

the Ravens. Instead I get the Broncos for the early game and the stinking Lions on fox for the late game. My family looked forward to the Steeler vs. Packer game all week.

I am a Steeler fan and my wife is a Packer fine. I just assumed it would be on TV. Instead I have to watch some show called missing and Larry King. I'll tell you what it missing the NFL on my TV.

I called direct tv and they said I could rent the game as a pay-per-view for $44.95. Talk about holding enterainment for ransom.

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same goes for today, I have to be forced to watch the ravens instead of the steelers. there is a lot less ravens fans then steelers fans in south central pa.

guess I will not be watching any football today!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have extra cash laying around to pay for the overpriced sunday ticket, that again, they push you into buying to see the game.


Get the Sunday Ticket and stop crying!

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