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The current method of wearing an NFL helmet may not be safe?

by Any

Many players in the NFL are wearing their helmets with the stem of the brain and lower back of the neck are exposed where actual death may occur upon a direct hit.

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How was it determined that the Seahawk lost control of the ball before it crossed the goal line?

by Brennin

Tonights Monday Night Game Seahawks vs. SF Per Rule ARTICLE 4.

LOOSE BALL A Loose Ball is a live ball that is not in player possession, i.e., any ball that has been kicked, passed, or fumbled. A Loose Ball is considered to be in possession of the team (offense) whose player kicked, passed, or fumbled it. It is a Loose Ball until a player secures possession or until the ball becomes dead. If it has not yet struck the ground, a Loose Ball is In Flight.

He always had one hand on the ball. It crossed the goal line before the defensive player had complete control.

the defender was in the act of gaining possession but until that defensive player has complete control by definition it belongs to the Offence. Therefore, it became a dead ball when the ball reached the goal line, thus a touchdown by rule.

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Ticket gouging

by Andera

I called the miami dolphins group tickets office directly at hardrock stadium. Spoke to an executive sales manager who quoted me a price of $125.00 and told me i had to buy 10 tickets i only needed 8 but agreed thenni told him i would call him back once i got in touch with my family members who were coming in from ouy of town , so after confirming the price with my family , i called back where i was told now the ticket price was $160, each , he told me the price goes by the demand .

My thing here is are by NFL RULES are direct team ticketing office allowed to operate like scalpers or ticket agencies or are the obligated to sell tickets at face value ? Something just is not right here they seem to be operating like a freelance ticket agency not official NFL representatives of the team or league, is there a red flag here?

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Saints @ Cowboys

by Sareen

Mr. Commissioner, I believe it is time to have a week off and retrain your game referees/officials.

The Saints receivers were getting mugged and held on every play. The hit on Kamara was clearly illegal and that was the 3rd hit by the linebacker that was illegal. Is the NFL trying to make sure the Cowboys get in the playoffs? Will you please do something to this offseason?


Benson is looking on and would be extremely upset this morning the officiating to his team and keep these biased officials away from Saints games. The Saints did not play well but they do not deserve to be continually harassed.

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Rigged for betting

by Cully

How is it that the best teM in the league can't score to a team that doesn't have a defense

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NFL protesting the national anthem

by Hali

NFL protesting the national anthem.why would you let football player protest during the anthem?

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