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Commissioner Goodell, I am so sick of the hypocrisy that I'm seeing from the NFL these days! You say that you protect the shield by suspending, or expelling players from the League for conduct that could tarnish the shield, but you allow players to disrespect our flag?

You do know that the shield is RED/WHITE/BLUE, decorated with STARS; an obvious representation of our flag, and everything that it stands for. Yet you allow players to disrespect it. Just like standing, or taking our hats off during the anthem to show respect for our flag (country), kneeling during the anthem is a complete disrespect for everything that our country has accomplished. I guess that I have to remind you what our flag stand for since it seems that you have forgotten: "All men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." The Flag is what gives anyone the right to protest inequalities.

Black oppression in our society is not caused by the Flag. Opression of anyone for any reason is a result from Human ignorance. It is the FLAG, and everything that it represents, that allows us to fight oppression caused by the ignorance of others. The Flag is what is saving us from oppression by allowing us the freedom of speech to protest inequalities.

So why would anyone protest the very essence that gives everyone in our country the right to be equal? And you're allowing it! What hypocracy! Roger Goodell, you are a hypocrite.

You expelled Justin Blackmon for testing positive for marijuana (who cares about marijuana; it's practically legal now), yet you allow players to disrespect our flag? What's next, Flag burning on the 50 yard line? You along with the owners (Jerry Jones-kneeling on Monday Night Football vs Arizona) are a disgrace to the shield! I'm going to quote Mike Tomlin (Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers): "It's unfortunate that the NFL has gotten sucked into to this political ***." I watch the NFL to escape politics, because team sports are about everyone putting aside their differences and playing for a common cause.

I guess thanks to you and many of the owners, teams are now divided. I'm so sick of watching this political ***! Football is the greatest sport in the world because no other sport relies on teamwork the way football does, and you along with the owners have ruined that for me! I'm so sick of the NFL right now.

I don't watch the NFL anymore.

I play golf on Sundays now. THE NFL BROKE MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Disrespecting our Flag.

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I am a veteran. I was a Ranger in the Army.

I have been a NFL fan since I was 6. Unfortunately I am no longer watching any of your games.

I am not upset about the players kneeling. I fought and bled for that right.

I am tired of watching millionaires arguing with billionaires. How disconnected are you people? Football has always been an escape, now it is just a pathetic mess.

Your product isn't good enough to stand this kind of pressure.

Better take a look at baseball playoff ratings.

You have been notified by your customers. Pay attention or face a slow descent to NHL levels.

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