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I want to voice one more opinion of a NFL fan who will watch less and less football games due to bringing politics into the game. Wrong way to let employees voice their opinions.

I am a Airline Captain. How would you like to come aboard my plane and once airborne I came on the PA to talk to you about my political issues? I think EVERYONE on the plane would be upset and well warranted. You are pay me to get you from point A to point B on time and in a safe manner.

That is it. If I break that contract you will fly another airline. Years ago Alaska Airlines used to put a simple religious prayer on the tray paper. There were many complaints and they stopped.

But not before many consumers went to other competition.

The NFL owners and commissioner need to fix this extremely easily by telling their players clearly what the rules are. If they have an issue with the national anthem then they stay in the locker room until it over.

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