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What the players are doing is shameful. Disrespecting the flag and the people who fought for freedom is absolutely despicable.

If you have a complaint, a problem, an issue etc, you are welcome to protest your *** off on your time, but don't waste mine. You have the same number of votes as I do, use them! I don't complain about the government to my customers, although sometimes I'd like to (ie 2008-2016). The real problem though is that the owners allow this crap to happen.

I wouldn't be employed if I pulled this kind of childish crap at the office. There is a place and time for everything. In the long-run, the owners are going to lose money and fans because they allow this to happen. We really know what this is about.

In the short-term, controversy makes people talk. People then tune in to see what it's all about. Let me tell you people something..... You will end up losing ratings because you are politicizing the game or at least allowing it to become something other *(not bigger)* than football.

Your fans don't want to see this stuff. There are channels already dedicated to both sides. People watch football to get away from this kind of thing. The last and final thing is that the NFL owners and players are playing right into the hands of the MAIN-STREAM MEDIA.

They don't care about you! There is nothing that gives them a bigger hard-on than to USE the NFL to promote their left-wing ideas. They give it much more attention than it should and distract your fans from what they should care about - your BRAND. They romanticize it.

I could not believe Chis Collinsworth on TV today and what he said. Absolutely insane to have political commentary from a football analyst. Keep it up, I will find another sport to watch. For now, college football (although not nearly as good), has not allowed this BS, but I imagine that as some point it probably will, and I will switch to another sport altogether.

Do the right thing.

De-Politicize your game, or lose viewers, it's your choice. Steve Jacksonville, FL (a patriot town - although I am ashamed of the Jaguars today)

Reason of review: the disrespect of the NFL.

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