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The NFL has turned into a joke. They blatantly did not call MULTIPLE helmet to helmet calls during the Saints/Rams "Game" on Sunday January 20, 2019.

This isn't the first game this season this has happened, but they claim to care about player safety. Now THE WHOLE country watched as they did not call the most obvious pass interference & helmet to helmet penalty that would have been pivotal in the NFC "Championship" game. Why? That's what EVERY single fan in America wants to know.

Except for the Rams sparse fans. There are MULTIPLE articles online about game attendance. Guess who is at the bottom of the list for 2018 attendance? The RAMS.

Imagine. Such a big market, and they have the least fans. Meanwhile, the Saints fill the dome and travel faithfully with their team! So is this why the NFL "fixed" this game?

Or is it that it's probably Brady's last Superbowl? The NFL is a joke, and I speak for MANY "Whodats" when I say we refuse to support the NFL until this is rectified. It's interesting the commissioner or no one at the office has made a public statement. Your RAMS coach, and player at the center of this bad call sure have, and they have made it clear that they are perfectly okay with cheating.

They are "glad" the call wasn't made while admitting fault. Do you think they would be happy if it was the other way around? All players who engage in helmet to helmet contact should be suspended! I recall not long ago when the Saints were made an example of for Bounty gate.

What consequences will the Rams receive? What are the Saints going to gain by this horrible no-call seen around the world? I want all Whodats to not watch this joke of a Superbowl that has been fixed to try to help the Rams gain fans. I can only hope that the Rams don't gain anything beneficial from this outright cheating, and the Saints fans hit the NFL right in the pocketbook!

I will not watch the fake Superbowl or buy another NFL licensed product until the NFL says it's fake like the WWE or they FIX it. The Saints might come from a "small market" in the NFLs eyes, but we bring ratings, and we fill the dome! ON TOP OF all of this. We want you to address why there were THREE officials with ties to Los Angeles and the Rams.

One who watched the play in fact used to play for the Rams. Absolutely no league in the nation allows this kind of bias in "officiating" Why does the NFL see this as acceptable practice? We've also proved the officials are liars that say they "didn't see it!" THREE officials WATCHED the play including the white hat who publicly claimed that he "didn't see it." You will get no more WHODAT money until you fix your crooked league. You have ignored us for 3 days.

We aren't going away. We aren't forgiving, and we sure as *** won't forget! I have attached PROOF found from 2017 & ESPN in 2018.

This search was done in less than 1 minute. I'm sure there's more proof showing Los Angeles has minimal NFL fans.

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