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The rule needs to be changed. Bryant had control of the ball and never lost control..

Football fans everywhere would agree this was a catch.... The official or officials who made this call should never call another game period... TERRIBLE CALL.. A person who understands football or who has played the game would never make this call.

When a teams arch rivals are saying that their rival got a raw deal... your know it was a horrible call. I dont understand how people who should know the game better than anyone else continue to rob the paying public of the joy of watching America's game.

I have watched football since 75' with my Dad... this is by far the worst call ever....

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Shelburne, Vermont, United States #929624

Well put. I just penned a letter to NFL saying just that.

It's out of control, what a travesty. This isn't the nfl I grew up watching. I'm done- been a fan since 1964, it's now pro wrestling. I'd rather watch movies if I just wanted scripted entertainment.

I always thought football was the closest thing to real life you could get on tv: real people doing real things. What a joke.

Bel Air, Maryland, United States #929623

I agree Terrible call. And today it has become obvious to all fans of the historic game of football that the use of replay in the NFL is pointless because the refs will continue to use replay as an aid to call plays the way they want to see them rather than taking a real look at what replay shows them and using the replay combined with the NFL rulebook to make the correct call.

Referees have too much control of the game and become MVPs of games instead of players. What everyone is missing is the refs handed the Packers 3 points today when they failed to take away the reviewed greenbay catch that obviously hit the ground according to replay. However the refs use replay to take away 7 points from the Cowboys on a clear control and football move catch that the nose of the football may or may not of scuffed the goal line as Des Bryant reached out attempting to score. If the point of the ball reached the plane of the goal line before Des went to the ground the fact the ball moved after Des hits the ground doesnt even matter.

Worse case scenario the ball should have been placed on the 1 yd line first and goal to go. Point is the refs took away a chance at the Conference championship from a scrappy Dallas team that outplayed the Packers today and took the League MVP trophy out of the hands of ROMO and placed it in Aaron Rodgers hands in one bad play call. Demarco fumbled earlier in the game taking 7 points away from Dallas and handing points to the Packers which made it clear Romo is the MVP as he outplayed Rogers in QB rating badly and did not turn over the ball like Rogers did. Romo should of finished 16 of 19 for 230 instead of 15 for 19 possibly with 3 TDs instead of 2 TDs.

Aaron Rodgers needs to take his MVP picture hugging the todays refs. And Romo needs to throw darts at the same picture.

to JQ #929648

Refs should not decide the game. How was that call reversed?

The fix is on apparently.

Shame on the nfl or should I say wwe. Ridiculous.

Mahomet, Illinois, United States #929620

Bad rule but not as bad as the Tuck Rule

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #929607

very much agreed, we need to fire a whole bunch of refs. This isn't football anymore.

its all about the money and we the fans are fed up with these so called refs they say they are. there just a bunch of blind old *** men out there that just get paid and have no clue what goes on.

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