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I cancelled my subscription with nfl game pass and was still charged on my account.I spent 3 days calling trying to speak with a live agent.

On the 3rd day of trying to reach someone, I FINALLY did after listening to their elevator music for over an HOUR...then the agent informed me after "refunding" my charge, that the only way to speak to a manager or account representative was to email them. WHY IS THERE NO ONE TO SPEAK TO LIVE????????????????

It is ridiculous that I would have to send yet ANOTHER EMAIL to a supervisor when the previous 3 EMAILS to the support team were never answered.I will definitely never use or recommend the NFL site to ANYONE!!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "poor customer service, inadequate personell" of nfl subscription and associated monetary loss in the amount of $135. Nfl needs to "i also would like to reimbursed for the overdraft caused by nfl.com not cancelling my subscription even though i already cancelled in a timely manner" according to poster's claims.

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NFL Pass is a big rip off!I cancelled my subscription 2 days after finding out my TV wouldn't support the program and wad still billed for an entire year.

I've emailed customer service numerous times and keep getting the Sneed BS responses - what country did you purchase in etc. No phone number to csll and talk to these jerks and PayPal won't refund the payment - BS! DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!



I also canceled my subscription during the free trial period following the instructions the NFL Game Pass site provided. Today I was billed anyway! There is no phone number listed to contact for a refund.

I have emailed customer support but only received an auto-response with instructions again on how to cancel - I had already done this!!

Phone number please!!!!


Response to the folks at Digital Care......1st sentence I've excluded because of it's language (deserved).

I apologize for my ribald entry into the email but I was getting nowhere with your company Digital Care and your canned responses.

Actually it pales in comparison to language used on "Ballers" which used NFL props during it's first screening.

My NFL team is the Miami Dolphins and have been since 1971. During my stay in the Northwest those games are usually not televised on major networks unless they're playing a west coast team so I have to go to a sport's bar for regular season games. For the past six years I've subscribed to NFL Game Pass to stream pre-season games and never had a problem with sign in. My provider is Comcast and I use them because I don't have 'line of sight' to use Dish TV.

I paid my $99 prior to the first pre season Miami game. On game day, Miami vs Atlanta, I anxiously awaited for 3:50PM when I was to receive the beginning of the stream for the broadcast starting at 4:00PM. I was unable to sign in attempting different methods. I called the NFL Game Pass number that I had previously used but was advised that the number was no longer active.

As the game was being played I sent 2-3 emails to Digital Care requesting help so I could resolve the issue and watch the game.

As the game went into half time, I finally received this canned response "Our apologies for any sign-in related issues you are encountering. We are working to address as quickly as possible. Please keep trying to sign in as this case has been resolved for many already. We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing".

At half time and still unable to sign in and extremely pissed-off I sent the following email to Digital Care: "How far do your apologies extend other than lip service.

Your apology relieves you of any guilt, wrongdoing or regret?......no it doesn't". "An apology is meaningless unless it's backed-up with something substantiative". "Call me. I would be happy to discuss my discontent with you and your NFL Gunslingers".

Even though I never used this 'service' (oxymoron) and asked you to cancel something I never received you still charged my card $99 and $29 respectively which is unacceptable behavior and a discredit to the whole NFL organization. Now and after the fact that the pre-season games are concluded you find the time to send me an email dated September 4 which says: "We sincerely apologize for the delay in response to your request. We always want to respond as quickly as possible to the concerns of our fans and in this case we dropped the ball.

C'mon man, you DID drop the ball so why did you charge my credit card for a "service" I never received?Please advise.


Two weeks in a row and during the 2nd quarter the game 'resets' to the start and it won't go back to 'realtime'. Last week when this happened I couldn't watch the end of the game because when the game was over in the us, the feed just stopped. WTF??



NFL Headquarters


What's the phone number?I have had the same problem.

It's been 11 days and I still have not gotten a refund.

I am beyond pissed at the NFL.If you could please give me a phone number it would be extremely helpful.


I cancelled during my 7-day trial period - but the bastards billed me $99 today. I want my money back if I have to get it from that SOB Goodell hinself. DISGRACEFUL service!

What the *** is their phone number????


Please post a phone number for customer service.


NFL should hang their heads in shame. They seem to be making so much money that they don't care because simply...they don't have to... ABSOLUTELY NO SERVICE....just a lump of "troublehshooting" material lobbed at you to sort through and oh, by the way...cough up the big bucks!


We are having the same issues but we can't figure out how to cancel the service.

Can you share with me how to do that?

I agree, this is the worst customer service I have ever seen.

If fans weren't such locker heads they wouldn't have any customers.


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